Category Four & Twenty Blackbirds

Maple Glazed Salmon with garlic

1382973_379709865494638_691424913_n Some more food porn for you, maple glazed salmon with garlic, chanterelles, lobster mushrooms, mixed greens! OH YEAH!!!!!!

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Indian Curry Chicken

574639_370239489775009_160737259_n Indian curry chicken with fresh kale, garbanzo beans, tomato ragu, yogurt sauce and naan bread.

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Local Salmon Pita


Local salmon pita with caramelized onions, chanterelles, lobster mushrooms and crispy garlic.

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Delicious Chanterelles



Today’s delicious chanterelles are going on the lamb gyro with caramelized onions!

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Italian braised beef pita


Italian braised beef pita with pesto aioli, fresh greens, garlic chanterelles, mozzarella, and banana peppers. Yummy!!!

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