return to the corner

This is a great way to return to the corner, an amazing variety of garden goodies!!


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Mahi Taco

Seared mahi taco with white peach and carrot salsa and cilantro crema


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May 30th post Pork and Chicken

Are you kidding me?! Molasses brined pork belly confit, carnitas, fresh veg, avocado, balsamic pickled red onion and chipotle sauce! WOW!!



Tuscan chicken wrap with wildwood farms greens, cukes, cannellini beans, feta, green beans, Roma tomato, basil, white balsam in and honey vin!


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Thai peanut chicken

Thai peanut chicken with baby bok choy, carrots, napa cabbage, sugar peas, and toasted peanuts .

#420_blackbirds, #hoodriver,


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1st Hard Pressed Cider Fest

ROCKIN at the 1st Hard pressed cider festival! Sell out croud!!



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Open again for business!! Woohoo!!

Open again for business!! Woohoo!!


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on the menu 3-24-14

Toasted cashew pesto chicken salad pita with baby arugula, carrots, sweet peppers, celery and broccoli sprouts.


Korean BBQ sandwich with kimchi, fresh ginger n garlic, ponzu pulled pork on pine street bakery ciabatta.


#Hawaiian #BBQ #HoodRiver #fourandtwentyblackbirds

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Hawaiian BBQ sandwich

Lovin local! Hawaiian BBQ sandwich with hood river organic spicy greens, local pork, fresh pineapple on pine street bakery ciabatta bread!

#Hawaiian #BBQ #HoodRiver #fourandtwentyblackbirds


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Thai chicken salad pita

Thai chicken salad pita with carrots, snow peas, cucumbers, peppers, HRO spicy greens, broccoli sprouts and coconut peanut sauce!

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Thai Chicken Salad Pita

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Korean BBQ Sandwich

Korean BBQ sandwich on toasted Pine Street Baguette with pear and soy glazed pork, truck made Kim chi and fresh cilantro and green onions.


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